Amy Monea, MSW, RSW is a trained therapist with experience in the field of mental health including working with women during the perinatal period as a key player in a prenatal clinic. She is trained in various modalities, most recently in gestalt methodology, with her work being grounded in systems theory and strengths based perspective. Life is the interaction of both the internal world of individual minds and bodies, and external systems such as communities, families, and those institutions that we engage with (such as school or church).

In joining Shifra, Amy will be offering counselling appointments for women. The initial appointment will be focused on gathering information and developing goals through an assessment which will be 50 minutes with follow-ups being focused on working toward those goals.

Amy’s role will not be to diagnose mental health disorders, rather focusing on what the client sees as the issue and facilitating experiences and conversations to move towards healing and growth. Working from a strengths and systems based perspective, we will work to grow the resources that you have, both internally and externally, with a goal of increased feelings of wellness.

Reasons you may see Amy include struggling with the transition to motherhood (prenatally or postpartum), feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with all that is expected of you, grief,  feeling inadequate as a parent, experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of depression or anxiety, or difficulties coping. The behaviours that may indicate that it is time to seek support include feeling tired, negative thoughts going through your mind, less patience with those around you, losing interest in the things that you used to find joyful or feeling resentful towards those you love.

Sometimes when we are struggling and require support, we may experience thoughts of harm either to ourselves or someone else. This may simply be a symptom of a serious mental health concern requiring urgent care. If you are experiencing thoughts of harm, including thoughts of suicide, contact 911 or visit your local emergency department immediately.


Just wanted to send some words of appreciation your way for everything you helped me with this past 6 months or so. As I mentioned to you before I had seen two separate registered social workers in the past and they did help me a little bit but I never felt I could connect with them or that they understood my background and personality. This was not the case when I sat down with you. I was impressed that you immediately started with getting to know my family history and asking me important questions about my past. No one had ever done that before. It was always just a why are you here? You always checked in with me about how I was doing at the beginning of each visit and asked what I would like to work on. It really pushed me to be aware of my feelings and struggles. The exercises you asked me to do were not always comfortable and most definitely challenging but this was essential for change. As well, for the first time in my life I was actually given skills and tools I could use at home when I was having an anxiety attack or bad day. Because of my background with horses and the things I shared with you, often you were able to help me analyze my feelings by relating it to my experience with horses. This was helpful to me. At the end of the day, without you I don’t think I could have come out of the fog I was in and feel as confident as I do today. When I started I felt that my daughter didn’t deserve to have me as her mom but today thanks to you I am so proud to say I am her mother! Thank you for all that you do and for helping me through this difficult time in my life. I know I always have a safe place to come if I need to in the future. ~ Thank you again!