Meet the Team


Shianna Pace, RM

Hannah Howell, RM

Carly Scrymgeour, RM

Vivian Maclean, RM

Erin Braaten, RM

Chelsea McLeod Schneider, RM

Jessica Swain, RM


Dr. Carrie Mitchell, ND

Dr. Andrea Clarke, ND

Childbirth Educator

Erin Moyen

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Vanessa Hagen, B.Sc.P.T.,B.Kin MCPA, CAFCI


Dr. Gillian Sawyer

Massage Therapist

Kimmy Berthelette


Amy Monea

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Kerri Mclean

Office Staff

Lindsey Sign | Office Manager

I have been with Cochrane Community Midwives since I first found out I was pregnant with my first child early Spring 2010 and I was searching desperately for midwifery care.  My husband was from Cochrane so I quickly contacted Joy and Shianna and I was thrilled to get their last spot.  I commuted a couple hours for appointments and had the joy of having our first child at my in-laws home with this amazing midwifery team back in December 2010.  Thus started my obsession with midwifery and this experience ignited a passion in me that I did not know existed.  When we were looking at moving to Cochrane, I said to my husband that the only job I wanted to do was to work with the midwives.  He immediately made me call and thus started the new direction of my life. My education is in Theatre but I have always been drawn to administration or office management positions. I helped run my father’s mechanics shop in Medicine Hat, was a box office manager for Rosebud Theatre, and worked as an administrator for the Rosebud Inn. In October 2011, I started with CCM and when Shianna took over the practice, I took on more responsibility as their office manager.  I have loved every minute of my time with them and look forward to many more years working for this amazing practice.  We had our second child with Shianna and Carly in May 2013 and this time I had the pleasure of living in Cochrane and having our second baby in our own home.  It again was a life changing experience and I became even more passionate about midwifery and wish with all my heart that all women in this province will have equal opportunity to access midwifery care soon.  I look forward to welcoming you, helping you with your appointments, being a friendly face and a listening ear.  I love my job, but its more than that, I am passionate about women’s centered care and the empowering, life changing experience of birth.  I love supporting the midwives so they can be the best midwives for their clients.  We are a team that I am very proud to be a part of!

Jordan Allen | Administrator

Since I was a young girl I have been interested in pregnancy and loved babies. It was in my high school biology class when I learned just how amazing the process of a baby’s creation, growth and birth really is. I believe that this incredibly special gift, being able to create life, is beautiful, empowering and nothing short of a miracle. I knew midwifery was something I was meant to be a part of, but after many attempts at applying to programs and not succeeding, I decided that maybe it just wasn't in the plan for me, but my passion never diminished.

I started training as a doula when I was 21 but I didn't know anyone having babies so I moved onto a completely different career route and became a land administrator for 7 years. When a close friend asked me to attend her birth in 2012, I was thrilled to support her. It reignited a fire within me and I again knew I was meant to follow this path. I became a certified birth doula a year later, left the oil industry and tried being a full time doula. In this time I also got married and became a stepmom to 2 children; the balance was something I couldn't quite figure out and again I had to take a step back.

The passion has always been there but I've never quite figured out the direction I'm meant to take until now. When Shianna asked me to be a part of this team and the new centre, I felt like my prayers had been answered and a door was opened for me. I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful team and support women in their most amazing, miraculous journey of becoming mothers.