About Shifra Centre for Wellness

The vision at Shifra Centre for Wellness is more than just providing physical care to pre and postnatal women and families. We deliver woman-centered, evidence-based holistic care for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. At Shifra we strive to offer specialized individual care with our skilled practitioners as well as truly listening to your personal needs. We believe in enabling women to grow into mothers, couples into parents, and families to grow in love.


Meet the Team


Shianna Pace, RM and Owner

Chelsea McLeod Schneider, RM

Tiffany Woodland, RM

Vivian Maclean, RM

Erin Braaten, RM

Naturopathic Doctors

Dr. Carrie Mitchell, ND

Dr. Andrea Clarke, ND

Childbirth Educators

Amy Bidrman

Lauren Ferguson

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Vanessa Hagen, B.Sc.P.T.,B.Kin MCPA, CAFCI


Dr. Gillian Sawyer, DC

Massage Therapist

Kimmy Berthelette, RMT

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Kerri Mclean, R.Ac, TCMD


Office Staff

Jordan Allen

I have always loved babies. When I was a baby I loved babies! High school biology, where I learned more about the amazing the process of how they are created, grown and birthed, only increased my fascination. I believe that nearly every woman is given an incredibly special gift of being able to create life within them and it is beautiful, empowering and miraculous. I knew midwifery was something I was meant to be a part of, but after many attempts at applying for a program and not succeeding I decided that maybe it just wasn't in the plan for me, but the passion never left me.

I started training as a doula when I was 21 but I didn't know anyone having babies so I moved onto a completely different career route and became a land administrator for 7 years. When a close friend asked me to attend her birth in 2012, I was thrilled to support her. It reignited a fire within me and I again knew I was meant to follow this path. I became a certified birth doula a year later, left the oil industry and tried to make a go of being a full time doula. In this time I also got married and became a stepmom to 2 children and the balance was difficult. Again I had to take a step back.

Although passionate, I'd never quite figured out the direction I was meant to take until I became a part of the Shifra team. The growth and change in the clinic has been amazing to witness and has given me the opportunity to gain skills not only in a management role but I’ve also learned so much from the incredible women who I am honoured to work with. I have since had a beautiful daughter of my own under the care of the midwives and experienced the wonderful work that they do first hand. I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of this fabulous team and support women in their most amazing, miraculous journey of becoming mothers and beyond.

Lindsey Sine

I have been with the practice since 2010, I started as a client and then quickly realized that all I wanted to do was work with the midwives. After my first birth, a passion for women-centred care was ignited. I officially joined the team in the fall of 2011 and it’s been a wonderful journey ever since.

In these past years, I’ve now had three babies with the midwives, helped support the practice by first doing administration work and then stepping into an office management position. I’ve been there when times were very tough with the practice (Joy West-Eklund’s accident and the clinic fire), and I’ve helped grow the practice along side it’s incredible owner, Shianna Pace. I am proud that at the Shifra Centre for Wellness, we are a multi-faceted women’s health centre focusing on all areas of women’s health. It’s taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to where we are now, and I am incredibly proud of this clinic that was once a dream spoken of in a friends living room.

It has been my honour to greet clients, hold babies, and support our wonderful female practitioners as they bless the lives of many with their skills. I am so proud to be a part of this team and so blessed to call Shifra my work home.

Jacquie Boston

I am so honoured to be apart of this amazing team of women! I have only been a part of the Shifra family for a short time and I was given the opportunity through a long time friend to cover her maternity leave. With 10 years of administration background in health and wellness, I jumped at the opportunity. I am so grateful for the experiences I’ve had here, the people I have been able to meet and the baby snuggles at the front desk! Having grown up in Cochrane myself, I am proud to be part of this team of women who pour their hearts into the community.

Kari Lee

I am so thrilled to be a part of the amazing team of ladies at Shifra! I have always believed in the philosophies of midwifery care, but I was lucky enough to experience this first hand when they coached me through the home births of my baby girl in August 2016 and more recently my baby boy in July, 2019.The care and guidance they provided throughout my pregnancies and birth was absolutely phenomenal. Now, with first hand experience, I am such an advocate for Midwifery care and am so lucky to be involved in the behind the scenes work that comes along with it. Prior to working at Shifra, I attended the University of Michigan on a full athletic scholarship for tennis where I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Psychology. Since then, I dabbled with working in Finance before taking some time off to travel. Most recently I owned and operated a small alternative health studio in Calgary which offered yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care. It was during this experience that I learned how important the combination of alternative therapies is to maintaining a healthy mind and body through all stages of life. Along with working at Shifra the past couple years I also returned to school to complete an education degree and become a certified teacher. I now call Cochrane home with my husband and two children, and I look forward to greeting you and meeting you at Shifra, a true treasure to our town!