Dr. Gillian Sawyer

Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractor, Webster Certified and member of the ICPA

I’m a proud mama of 2 girls, a wife, a women’s health advocate and a Chiropractor for moms & babes.

I've dedicated my professional career to helping moms function with minimal pain through pregnancy, prepare their bodies for labour, help them reset and rebuild in the postpartum period and support them through the transition and wild ride that is Motherhood.

My passion sits heavily in supporting moms in the prenatal & postpartum period since going through many ups and downs in my motherhood journey. There’s a huge need to normalize, create understanding, connection and community. To create an authentic, safe space for moms to share their story, their goals and to help them feel cared for in their journey. To give moms the tools they need to feel their best, understand what’s going on in their bodies, build a strong base to move forward postpartum. It’s my life’s work to help facilitate this in any way I can.

Beyond clinical practice, I've had the honor of co-creating something near and dear to my heart called "Movement & Motherhood". These Retreats & Workshops were designed to embody all of the above, to fill in the gaps with postpartum education and to create a sacred space for moms to reconnect with themselves in Motherhood.

Additionally, the need for more support in the postpartum period and throughout different stages of Motherhood pushed me to create an online space for moms. "The Mama Reconnect Project" is a resource center filled with Women's Health Experts from around the globe to help you answer all of the questions that keep you up at night, the things that make you turn to google to type "is this normal". This incredible base of knowledge is designed with the most common concerns that show up in my office and in the online space. It's a safe place for you to Reconnect to Yourself & Your Health in Motherhood.

For more information, tips for pregnancy & support postpartum you can go to my website at or reach out anytime at