Dr. Gillian Sawyer

Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Dr. Gillian received her DC from CMCC in Toronto, Ontario. She was born in Calgary, raised on Vancouver Island, now lives in Redwood Meadows and practices alongside the Cochrane Community Midwives and the Mountain Maternity & Family Medicine Physicians most days of the week. Dr. Gillian is a proud mama of 2 girls and a Chiropractor for moms & babes.


She’s dedicated her career to helping moms function with minimal pain through pregnancy, prepare their bodies for labour, support them through postpartum recovery and the transition into motherhood.


Her passion sits heavily in supporting moms in the perinatal period. To normalize, educate, create understanding, connection and community. To create an authentic safe space for women to be seen, heard and feel well taken care of. To help women reconnect to themselves and their body through breath, movement and body awareness.


Since going through many ups and downs in her own motherhood journey, Dr. Gillian has had the honor of co-creating “Movement & Motherhood”. These Retreats & Workshops were designed to embody all of the above, to fill in the gaps with postpartum education and to create a sacred space for moms to reconnect with themselves in Motherhood.


Additionally, the need for more support in the postpartum period and throughout different stages of Motherhood pushed her to create an online space for moms called "The Postpartum Pilot."  To help navigate Motherhood, providing a space for moms to connect, share, validate and normalize their experiences.



Additional Resources for Pregnancy & Postpartum: