Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Modalities

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition examines the relationship between diet and health. Special diets may be recommended. Treatment may include nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutraceuticals.

Physical Therapy

A variety of hands-on techniques for the spine, joints and soft tissues, Physical Therapy also includes hydrotherapy and the therapeutic use of light, heat and cold, massage and ultrasound.

Botanical/Herbal Medicine

The use of Botanical/Herbal Medicine for healing dates back to the beginnings of civilization and is the foundation of modern pharmacology. Plant substances from around the world may be used for their healing effects and nutritional value.

Asian Medicine & Acupuncture

Based on balancing the flow of Qi (energy) through the meridian pathways, Asian Medicine includes the use of acupuncture and Oriental herbs.


Based on the principle of "like cures like", Homeopathic Medicine uses minute amounts of natural substances to stimulate the self- healing abilities of the body.

Lifestyle Counselling

Physical, emotional, nutritional and environmental factors affect health. Lifestyle Counselling helps patients make informed choices to reach and maintain their optimal health

Naturopathic Principles

First Do No Harm

• Use of methods and medicines that minimize the risk of harmful side effects
• Use the least force necessary to diagnose and treat
• Avoid, when possible, the harmful suppressing of symptoms
• Acknowledge, respect and work with the individual self-healing process

Identify and Treat the Causes

In addition to alleviating acute and chronic symptoms of disease, NDs seek to identify and remove underlying causes of illness. Rather than merely eliminating or suppressing symptoms, this approach moves the body toward maintaining an optimal state of health.

Doctor as Teacher

NDs work collaboratively with patients by sharing knowledge and information to create a successful treatment plan. Patients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own optimal health.

Treat the Whole Person

In addition to addressing specific complaints or symptoms, NDs look at the ‘whole picture’. The physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors contributing to the health of each individual patient are thoroughly considered.

Emphasize Prevention

NDs emphasize prevention of disease by assessing risk factors, heredity and susceptibility to disease in each patient. Appropriate interventions can then be made in partnership with patients to prevent illness.

Support the Healing Power of the Body

The practice of Naturopathic Medicine recognizes an ordered and intelligent self-healing process that is inherent to every individual. NDs work to identify and remove obstacles to healing and recovery and to facilitate this natural self-healing process.

Natural Pregnancy Program

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Our Natural Pregnancy Program offers you and your family an integrated approach to a Healthy Pregnancy. Our Naturopathic Physicians offer prenatal dietary and supplementation counselling, recommendations regarding the safe use of botanical medicines and homeopathy for pregnancy related ailments and prenatal acupuncture to address ailments from morning sickness, headaches, aches & pains to the support of the developing baby. We can assist you in managing most pregnancy related ailments should they arise. We work in collaboration with your primary care maternity physician, midwife or your Obstetrician. A Mother-to-be can be enrolled into our program at any point throughout her pregnancy. Contact reception for further guidance.

*Our Naturopathic Doctors are happy to work in collaboration with your primary maternity provider to offer adjunctive Naturopathic care; please be aware they do not catch babies or offer primary maternity care.

» Recommended Naturopathic Prenatal Care Schedule

Our main program consists of five main prenatal appointments throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Additional appointments maybe added if pregnancy related ailments arise or as required.


» Initial Prenatal Consultation

This visit includes a complete prenatal and mother to be health history. An overview of expectations during pregnancy from a positive pregnancy test to birth. A physical exam to ensure optimal maternal health. We will make dietary and supplement recommendations as well as offer Naturopathic treatments for common pregnancy related ailments such as nausea of pregnancy, fatigue, headaches, constipation, varicose veins, depression and anxiety.


» Week 14 Second Trimester Follow-Up Visit

During this visit we will complete a well mommy exam, monitor weight gain, address any concerns or ailments with naturopathic therapies which may have arisen in the first trimester and offer recommendations to help prevent gestational diabetes and hypertension of pregnancy. Laboratory testing may be recommended to assess nutrition and health. You will be provided with a Birth Planning Worksheet and recommendations for prenatal classes.


» Week 27 Third Trimester Follow-Up Visit

During this visit we will complete a well mommy exam, review your Birth Plan with you, address any ailments which may have arisen in the second trimester such as headaches, sciatica, acid reflux, constipation, PUPPS, fatigue, iron deficiency, depression etc. with Naturopathic therapies and provide you with postpartum education and breastfeeding counselling.


» Week 32 Third Trimester Follow-up Visit

During this visit we will discuss preparation for home or hospital birth, provide you with educational resources to learn about breastfeeding and offer options to help with Group B strep prevention.


» Week 36 Labour Preparation Follow-Up Visit

During this visit we will offer you Naturopathic recommendations for labour support and preparation. We will further focus on postpartum nutrition & wellness and breastfeeding support.


» Acupuncture for Cervical Ripening and Labour Preparation Week 37-42

We offer acupuncture and Naturopathic treatments for cervical ripening and to support the natural progression of labour starting week 37 of your pregnancy. Treatment options include acupuncture, traditional labour botanical medicines and homeopathics to assist with cervical ripening and the onset and progression of labour. Our Naturopathic Physicians will work with you and your maternity care provider to offer adjunctive Naturopathic therapies support your body though the birthing process and to help you create the birthing environment that is right for you