Jayla Schmidt, M.Ed.

Jayla is a Registered Psychologist who strives to help support women throughout all stages of motherhood, and set a strong foundation of health for themselves and their families. Jayla has provided psychology support to individuals across the life span, since 2015.  After experiencing the wonder of a homebirth with her first born in 2009, Jayla developed an ever-growing interest in perinatal mental health. With the addition of a little boy, born at home in 2017, Jayla began to focus on supporting both Mama’s and Dad’s through their transition to parenthood. Jayla practices from an integrative, holistic approach and is committed to making counselling a collaborative, comfortable, and positive experience. Her intention is to provide a non-judgemental space where you are able to receive emotional support as you move towards your own personal growth and healing. Her sessions offer space to encourage, support and challenge you as you navigate through life’s peaks and valleys. Jayla is experienced in counselling supports related to pregnancy, maternal depression/anxiety, postpartum depression/anxiety, parenting challenges, as well as children’s mental health needs.

Counselling is a valuable and powerful way to connect, reflect, and gain insight, and Jayla would love to work with you on your journey through all stages of life. It is especially important to her to support women in accessing their full awareness of how their biology, relationships, resiliency and personal stories can impact how they navigate and move into motherhood.